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2021 INDOOR REGISTRATION - April to May program

We are very excited to offer a new Indoor 2021 Volleyball program this season - April to May program. Registration opens from March 8 to March 22, 2021. Click here to learn more. 

2021 INDOOR REGISTRATION - January to May program

Thank you for those who registered for our Indoor 2021 Volleyball season - January to May program. Registration was open until January 20, 2021 and is now closed. 

EKVC athlete protocols

Here are the EKVC procedures that everyone MUST follow for each session. 

  1. Complete your daily health check before you enter the building
  2. Wash your hands prior to departing for practice
  3. We can only use the front-side entrance door for entering and exiting
  4. DO NOT enter the building until 5 mins before your session start time. Masks are mandatory 
  5. Only athletes and coaches are allowed inside so to minimize the total number of people in the gym at one time. 
  6. Upon entering the gym please sanitize your hands
  7. Pick a spot in the gym where you are not close to other athletes. Take your bag and water bottle and put on your shoes in this chosen area. 
  8. Phase 2 protocols require a maximum of 6 athletes per half court. 12 athletes maximum in the gym. 
  9. Competitive drills are now allowed. Coaches will be running skill-based drills that allow for 3m separation between athletes.  
  10. Live blocking will not be allowed.  
  11. Keep your mask on until you cheer as a group and you can begin warming up. 
  12. 2 people maximum in the washroom at one time
  13. During water breaks you MUST keep distance between one another. This can easily be solved if we properly disperse our bags and water bottles around the gym. 
  14. Do not leave the gym area without a mask. This includes collecting errant balls, using the water fountain, or using the washroom. 
  15. When practice is finished please put your mask back on and leave the building through the front side entrance immediately. NO EXCEPTIONS

Example. Practice starts at 7pm. Athletes can enter the building at 6:55pm changed and ready to go (minus shoes). At 6:55am put on your mask, enter the building, walk to the gym one at a time (so we don’t get bunched together at the gym entrance). Once you are in the gym sanitize your hands and disperse yourselves around the entire gym. Keep your bags and water bottles away from other players. Put on your shoes and wait until the cheer. You can now remove your masks. 

During water breaks or explanations from your coaches, you are encouraged to throw your masks back on. If you are not on the court or involved in a particular drill please keep 3m separation from others. You are again encouraged to put your mask on. 

Once practice is finished, we will cheer and you will put your mask on and leave the gym right away. There will be no socializing with each other until you exit the building. 

If you need to speak with your coach after practice, then please arrange to meet with them outside. 

2021 Coaching Staff

Meet our 2021 Coaches!

2021 Age Categories

For 2021 age classes, EKVC follows Age Categories for the 2021 Volleyball Canada National Championships

2021 Fee Schedule for January to May program

For more information about 2021 season club fee for the January to May program.

2021 Fee Schedule for April to May program

For more information about 2021 season club fee for the April to May program.