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Age Categories

Volleyball Alberta Age Classes

2023-2024 Season

*For 2024 18U Age Category ONLY:

• Athletes within the appropriate age category above (16-month window) are not restricted.
A team roster for the 18U category can include 2 athletes born from Jan 1-August 31, 2005, with the following restriction:

• Athletes are NOT permitted to be part of any USport, CCAA or other Post-Secondary volleyball program for
the current season (Sept 2023-May 2024)

Definition of Post-Secondary: Part of a Post-Secondary Volleyball program is defined as training in
whole or part with team members of the post-secondary institution that they are attending, beginning October
1, 2023. Athletes are permitted to tryout/train with a post-secondary team in September 2023. This would
include any athlete regardless of their post-secondary eligibility, including those commonly referred to as redshirts. This does not include intramural programs or club programs within a post-secondary institute. If an athlete is attending a post-secondary institution, the Head Coach of the program shall confirm verification.
CEGEP is not included in the definition of Post-Secondary program.

The coach or manager must complete the 18U Overage Athlete Exemption Form; athlete(s) that qualify will then be
added to a team’s roster by VA.

Age Class Exemptions:
The Head Coach/Team Manager may request an exemption for an athlete born prior to the 16-month window to play in a specific age group. Exemptions are rare and may be considered under extraordinary circumstances. Initial requests must go through Volleyball Alberta prior to submission to Volleyball Canada.