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About EKVC

Vision Statement

Striving to create meaningful growth and development to its athletes and coaches.

Mission Statement

Build the Clubs’ capacity to encourage volleyball involvement across the Region.

Core Values

Inclusivity             Commitment         Growth          Respect


Guiding Principles

We value belonging and participant centered focus.
We value dedication and passion.
We value empowerment and learning.
We value inspiration and integrity.

Board Members


President - Lanna van der Velden 2019-2026

Vice President - Sue Bradley 2021-2025

Treasurer - Marifer Lam 2020-2025

Secretary - Jen Davis 2023-2024

Directors at Large

Governance & Policy coordinator -Tarralin Hanson 2021-2024

Regional Coordinator - Sue Bradley 2019-2025

Director 1 - Jennifer Johnson 2022-2024

Director 2  - Stacie Donovan 2023-2024

Director  3 - Tiffany Jowitt 2023-2024


Support Personnel

Executive/Technical Director - Bryan Fraser

Administrator - Marifer Lam

Immediate Past President - Steve Kamps




Accounting / Finance
Athlete Development
Awards & Alumni 
Business Development
Clothing & Apparel
Corporate Relations
Equipment & Uniforms
Event Coordination
Facility Bookings
Grant Writing
Policy/Risk Management
Social Media
Strategic Planning
Tournament Coordination
Volunteer Recruitment

Interested in helping to create a strong volleyball community in the East Kootenays?

Board members of EKVC enjoy a trial term of one year, during which they have the flexibility to explore various roles and choose activities that align with their passions and strengths. 

Apply here.

Club Organization

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is ultimately accountable for competent stewardship and long term development of East Kootenay Volleyball Club. The Board, as a whole, provides leadership for the association through strategic planning and organizational policies that set out priorities, values and limitations on staff and committee actions. The Board delegates authority to the Administrator to ensure that these policies are operationalized in programs, finance, personnel, marketing and administration. The Board monitors the Executive Director’s performance.

Composition of the Board

The Board of Directors has a minimum of seven(7) and a maximum of eleven (11) directors. During the first meeting of directors following the AGM, the board will elect from its own number the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer as officers of the association.

Terms of Office

The directors will serve a one year trail term to be eligible to become a director which holds one to three-year terms, dependent on the position. Directors will hold office until their successors have been duly elected in accordance with the association By-Laws.

Characteristics of a Director of the Board

The board model requires individuals who will enjoy focusing on the big picture. The following describes the desirable characteristics of an ideal individual board member:

  • Understands various inter-related elements of the national & provincial volleyball and sport systems
  • Strategic, big-picture thinker
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • A team player
  • A knowledge or experience in applying business practices in a non-profit association
  • Be able to commit volunteer hours to be a member of the Board. The board meets monthly, twelve times per year. Board Members are also expected to support a program committee as a chair or committee member.

Interested in becoming a Board Member?

The Board meets twelve times a year, monthly, with a requirement that a minimum of 9 meetings in the year are attended. Each meeting will be 1 to 1.5 hours long with an agenda and back up documents being provided for review a minimum of a week prior to the meeting. Part of the responsibility of these positions will include heading committee(s) members to fulfill duties as assigned to the position. Please be aware that some positions are a set term of minimum 1 year and up to 3 years.


Request to attend a board meeting

As per our organization's bylaws, our board meetings are closed except by invitation of the Board. 

Article 7, Section 7.9. New Business - Any member who wishes to have a new business placed on the agenda of a meeting will give written notice including questions to be addressed to the Organization at least five business days prior to the meeting date or upon the sole discretion of the President or Executive Committee. 

Article 7, Section 7.10. Closed Meeting - Regularly held monthly meetings of the Executive will be closed to the members except by invitation of the Board.  

Requests and Questions may be emailed to 

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