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Are you passionate about sports and dedicated to advancing and creating a strong volleyball community?


The East Kootenay Volleyball Club is a volunteer-driven organization. Getting involved as a volunteer means becoming a vital part of a larger community effort. By dedicating your time and expertise to mentor youth, you play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of our programs and services throughout the year.

While our primary volunteer positions include coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, and officials, there are many diverse opportunities for you to contribute your time and expertise. If you are someone who recognizes the profound impact of team sports on personal development, we welcome you to choose your role in fostering volleyball's growth in the East Kootenays.

For more information on becoming a volunteer, click the links below to learn about the positions and sign up, and let's embark on this exciting journey together.


To apply to head coach or assistance coach click here.

To apply to become a team manager click here.

Training provided

At East Kootenay Volleyball Club, we believe in the power of teamwork not only on the court but also behind the scenes. Our volunteer positions are collaborative efforts where each member of the committee contributes their unique skills. Teamwork is at the core of our approach, and training and support are readily available to ensure that each committee member feels confident and empowered in their role.

Athletes are welcome to apply, as these positions offer valuable experiences that enhance both teamwork and organizational skills, making a standout addition to any resume.

Join our committee, where you'll not only contribute to the success of our volleyball club but also build lasting connections within a supportive and enthusiastic team environment. Apply now to be part of something extraordinary! 

Immediate Openings

Exciting opportunities await at East Kootenay Volleyball Club! We currently have immediate openings for passionate individuals to join our dynamic team in key volunteer positions. If you're ready to contribute your skills and enthusiasm to a vibrant volleyball community, seize this chance to make an impact. Apply now to bring your talents to the forefront of our volleyball family.


To lighten the workload, certain roles within EKVC are open to more than one person.

The Outdoor Program Coordinator plays a pivotal role in organizing and facilitating beach and grass programs and events for our volleyball club members. This volunteer position is essential for overseeing the beach volleyball season and coordinating the Spirit of the Rockies Festival Beach Tournament, typically held on the third weekend in June.


The Outdoor season is a vital component of the club program lineup, providing athletes with additional opportunities for skill development and strength and conditioning during the summer months. This enhances the overall experience and engagement of our club members.

A Tournament and Event Coordinator is responsible for the planning, organization, and execution of volleyball tournaments and events hosted by the club. The duties include coordinating logistics such as venue location and participant registration, helping promote tournaments as well as recruiting and coordinating volunteers. Overall, this is a crucial role in creating memorable and rewarding experiences for participants, spectators, and volunteers.

A Facility and Gym Booking Coordinator is responsible for managing and coordinating the booking of gymnasiums and facilities for volleyball club activities. The duties include liaising with facility managers or rental coordinators to secure dates and times for club bookings and maintaining an accurate schedule of facility usage. This is a crucial role in ensuring that club members have access to appropriate venues for practices, games, tournaments, and other events, contributing to the overall success and efficiency of club operations.

The Grant Specialist is a key member of the organization's development team responsible for securing funding through grants applications. This role involves applying for grants from various sources, including government agencies, foundations, and sports organizations. The Grant Specialist collaborates closely with internal administrators to develop grant applications and ensure compliance with grant requirements.

This role may be open to more than one specialist dependent skills and interests.

A Screening and Registration Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all individuals involved in club activities, including all coaches, team staff, and volunteers, meet mandatory screening requirements to ensure a safe sporting environment. The duties include guiding individuals through the screening process and  monitoring compliance with screening requirements. Overall you would play a crucial role in upholding safety standards and integrity within the volleyball community.

A Team Photographer is responsible for capturing high-quality photographs of volleyball teams at the beginning of the season to be used for social media posts and registration activities. You would use your photography skills and creativity to the team's spirit and camaraderie.

This role will be open to more than one photographer. Team Photographers are not required to attend tournaments or events.


To lighten the workload, certain roles within EKVC are open to more than one person. See links to apply.

Apparel Coordinator

An apparel coordinator for a volleyball club plays a crucial role in managing and organizing the team's warm up shirts and apparel item. Working with the committee, individuals are responsible for liaising with suppliers, selecting and ordering warm-up shirts, and any other apparel items required for the team. The apparel coordinator ensures that all teams have the necessary gear when the season starts. Additionally, they may collaborate with the club's committee to design and customize apparel, ensuring a cohesive and brand image. Overall, the apparel coordinator plays a pivotal part in maintaining the Club's identity.

Club News Curator

The Club News Curator plays a pivotal role in a volleyball club by capturing, creating, and disseminating engaging content that highlights the club's achievements, events, and community involvement. This individual is responsible for curating compelling visuals, to share the club's journey with players, fans, and the broader community. The Club News Curator collaborates with various stakeholders, including players, coaches, and volunteers, to gather relevant information, stories, and updates. Whether through social media posts, newsletters, or other communication channels, the Club News Curator contributes to building a positive and vibrant club image, fostering a sense of community, and keeping stakeholders informed and inspired by the club's successes and activities.

Equipment & Uniform Coordinator

An equipment & uniform coordinator for a volleyball club is responsible for overseeing the distribution, maintenance and tracking of all sports equipment and team uniforms. The coordinator works with the committee to manage inventory levels, tracks equipment condition, and facilitates the timely distribution of uniforms and gear to players and coaching staff. They may also work closely with the club's management to design and order customized uniforms, maintaining a unified and professional team appearance.