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Introducing Beach Accelerate 3 Series: Dive into Intensive Beach Volleyball Competition Training!

Get ready to elevate your beach volleyball game like never before with our innovative Beach Accelerate 3 Series! We're thrilled to introduce this dynamic new program that promises intensive competition training, and heaps of fun over three days. This program is for Grade 7-12, all skill levels.

How It Works:

Whether you're looking for a fun introduction to beach volleyball, aiming to refine your skills, or striving for top-notch strength and conditioning, we've got you covered. Beach volleyball shares similarities with indoor volleyball but also has unique rules and strategies due to the outdoor environment and smaller team size.

In beach volleyball tournaments, unlike indoor ones, coaching during matches is typically not allowed. This means players must rely on their own knowledge, strategy, and understanding of the rules during gameplay, adding an extra layer of challenge and responsibility on the sand.

The Accelerate series offers an excellent opportunity to deepen players' understanding of the differences between beach and indoor volleyball. By breaking down the sport into easily understandable pieces, it provides players with opportunities to develop skills, understand strategies, and enhance gameplay.

What to Expect:

  • Day 1: Dive into the basics with an introduction to beach volleyball and skill development session.
  • Day 2: Take your game to the next level with a team communication focus and tournament strategy.
  • Day 3: Bring it all together and test your skills with a tournament-style session.


Why Join Beach Accelerate 3 Series?

  • Experience the thrill of beach volleyball in a supportive and inclusive environment.
  • Receive expert coaching and guidance from experienced instructors.
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow athletes and beach volleyball enthusiasts.
  • Choose your own adventure with flexible registration options for one or multiple series (each week is a repeated format).


Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to accelerate your beach volleyball journey! Whether you're a seasoned pro or a curious newcomer, the Beach Accelerate 3 Series has something for everyone.


Week 1 May 14-18, 2024

 Tuesday, May 14   Beach Volleyball Introduction & Skills Development        2 hours 
 Thursday, May 16        Strategy & Game Play Preparation  2 hours
 Saturday, May 18   Tournament Format Day  3 hours


Week 2 May 21-25, 2024

 Tuesday, May 21   Beach Volleyball Introduction & Skills Development    2 hours  
 Thursday, May 23     Strategy & Game Play Preparation  2 hours
 Saturday, May 25   Tournament Format Day  3 hours


Week 3 May 28-Jun 1, 2024

 Tuesday, May 28   Beach Volleyball Introduction & Skills Development    2 hours  
 Thursday, May 30     Strategy & Game Play Preparation  2 hours
 Saturday, Jun 1   Tournament Format Day  3 hours


WEEK 4 JUL 2-6, 2024

 Tuesday, Jul 2   Beach Volleyball Introduction & Skills Development    2 hours 
 Thursday, Jul 4     Strategy & Game Play Preparation  2 hours
 Saturday, Jul 6   Tournament Format Day  3 hours


WEEK 5 JUL 9-13, 2024

 Tuesday, Jul 9   Beach Volleyball Introduction & Skills Development    2 hours 
 Thursday, Jul 11      Strategy & Game Play Preparation  2 hours
 Saturday, Jul 13   Tournament Format Day  3 hours


WEEK 6 Jul 16-20, 2024

 Tuesday, Jul 16   Beach Volleyball Introduction & Skills Development    2 hours 
 Thursday, Jul 18     Strategy & Game Play Preparation  2 hours
 Saturday, Jul 20   Tournament Format Day  3 hours

Series Format

Day 1: Introduction & Skills Development

2-hour session (Tuesday 5-7pm)

  •  Introduction to beach volleyball fundamentals: serving, passing, setting, and hitting
  •  Skill-specific drills and activities to reinforce proper technique
  •  Individual and group coaching to address participant needs and skill levels
  • Emphasis on skill acquisition and player development in a supportive and inclusive environment


Day 2: Strategy & Game Play Preparation

2-hour session (Thursday 5-7pm)

  •  Review and refinement of basic skills learned in Day 1
  •  Introduction to offensive and defensive strategies in beach volleyball
  •  Scrimmages and game-like situations to apply learned strategies and tactics
  • Focus on teamwork, communication, and situational awareness on the court


Day 3: Tournament Format Day

3 hour session (Saturday 10am-1pm) 

  • Tournament like format with teams formed from program participants
  • Elimination rounds and championship matches
  • Gratitude ceremony/self reflection to recognize personal and team achievements


$84.00/ per weekly series (each week is a repeated format)

  • Min 6 players to run the series
  • Max 12 players per series

Location: College of the Rockies, Beach courts

Registration fee includes: 

  • Coaches honorarium, accreditation, and police checks
  • Facility rental
  • Executive/Technical Director
  • Equipment & Volleyballs
  • Medical Supplies 
  • Cleaning and disinfecting supplies
  • Administration fee

*SportsEngine administration costs = $1.50 + 3.25% of registration fee is not included.

Step 1 of 2 - Register with EKVC

Step 2 of 2 - Register with Volleyball Alberta

  • If athletes did not play indoor club volleyball in 2023-2024, he/she must register as a recreational player (non-refundable) with VA/VC here prior to the first date and email a copy of VA recreational player registration confirmation to

  • Individuals are required to register for recreational players as the Club is not able to register on their behalf. This fee is non-refundable.

  • Volleyball Alberta and Volleyball Canada recreational or competitive player registration fees are not included in the club registration fee.

  • For more information about EKVC Refund Policy click here.

Youth Beach Planning information

See the links for more detailed beach tournament information below.

Athletes and their families are responsible for registering independently for beach tournaments.

Registrations for local, Alberta, and BC tournaments, as well as travel and accommodation bookings, are also up to them.

EKVC suggests using 'sand socks', particularly in locations like the Okanagan, and uniforms are optional.

Spirit of the Rockies Festival - 2024 Beach Tournament

The Fernie Volleyball Club will be running their first tournament of the season on Saturday & Sunday June 8th and 9th. 
This will be a 2 v 2 tournament so ask a friend and sign-up as a team!  
Everyone with a reasonable amount of volleyball experience is welcome even if the players haven't played much beach volleyball.

The format of the FVC event will be quite relaxed and the FVC will organize teams into like-skilled pools/groups.  

A few guidelines for this event:

 - 13U to 18U Athletes
 - Co-Ed Teams (within reason - if like-skilled) - No problem to mix genders for a team
 - Different Ages - No problem if the two players are a year or two apart if like-skilled
 - Net Height - We'll have nets set at standard women's height (2.24M).  We may modify down to 2.20 or 2.15M if we have enough younger teams across a group/day.
 - Initial Seeding - FVC coaches will be consulted for all local/known athletes.  If you are not local, please email so we can have a dialogue about the experience level of the team and seed them appropriately.

Saturday, June 8th - 9AM - 7PM
Sunday, June 9th - 9AM - 7PM

Location: Fernie Beach Volleyball Courts -


Depending on how many teams register we may split up teams by age groupings/ability and run separate events.  For now please have both days available and we will try and narrow the dates/times a week or so in advance.

We may also cap registrations if the number of registered teams is too high for us to accommodate.  Find your partner and register early!

Refund Policy

To learn more about EKVC refund policy.

Financial Assistance

To learn more about different funding available if you would like to participate in club volleyball but face financial constraints.