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Athlete Parents/Guardian Information

Would you like to gain a better understanding of how an indoor volleyball season operates or learn more about what EKVC is all about? This handbook has been carefully crafted to assist both athletes and parents/guardians in navigating the process of becoming an EKVC athlete or representative.

Financial Assistance

Need some help with financing you athlete's volleyball career? If costs are a barrier to participate, there is Financial Assistance available through service organizations such as KidSport, Athletics4Kids and Jumpstart.

The East Kootenay Volleyball Club is a member of the Cranbrook KidSport Fund, a local charity who raises and disburses funds to children throughout the area by helping remove the financial obstacles that prevent some children from participating in sport.

The application process is a confidential one whereby a local committee evaluates the request and informs the applicant of the applications status.  The turn around time is generally 3-5 working days.

Steps of the application process.

Please review the information below which describes the grant application process and how you receive the grant money once a child is participating in a sport.

  • Step One- Application – The parent or someone acting for the family completes the application form (either on paper or electronically- links below). The paper application can then be either mailed in or dropped off at WFP.
  • Step Two- Our fund’s distribution members complete their phone calls and confirm with the applicant that it has been approved. (Electronic process- applicants are automatically advised of the status once complete).
  • Step Three- KidSport Cranbrook will issue a voucher to the sport organization.
  • Step Four- Once the athlete has REGISTERED AND STARTED the sport, this voucher gets returned by the sport organization.

All across BC, hundreds of children and youth are denied the opportunity to participate in amateur sports due to one simple fact: lack of funds.

As a privately funded charity, we are able to get dollars into the hands of those who need it most, quickly and effectively. We help families bear the expense of having their children participate in organized sports because we believe that all kids should have the chance to play.

The support of A4K is available province-wide for children ages 5 to 18 who are currently enrolled in school. Basic registration fees are paid for a multitude of approved sports, up to an annual maximum of $450 per child (which is considerably higher than other sport funding charities).

When families need a little financial boost to get kids involved in a sport, dance team or other active program, they need to fill out an application. This needs to be done before the fees are due, as the money goes right to the organization. Applications for assistance can typically be submitted from January 15 to November 1; with the goal for funding to be equitably distributed over Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter activities.

Your family meets our financial need requirements and your kid is registered, but what about the skates/cleats/racquets/gloves/helmets/uniforms they need to play? Not to worry. Jumpstart has you covered. The application asks for equipment details. Funds can also be provided for adaptive equipment to help kids with special needs.  

• All approvals are at the sole discretion of the local Jumpstart Chapter and designated Canadian Tire Regional Manager; and are subject to local demands and Chapter budgets.

If you have additional questions, call 1-844-YES-PLAY.

– Canadian Tire Jumpstart