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2020 AGM


Thank you for those of you who were able to join our virtual 2020 AGM on November 17, 2020. Please see below FAQ from our AGM if you were not able to join us.


*Please note that the following answers are provided based on information available on November 17, 2020.

EKVC will make every effort to provide information on the season to the best of our ability in the chaos of swiftly changing pandemic requirements that cause restrictions, cancellations and guidelines for Return to Play.

2021 Season is a focused emphasis on Training

​​​​​1. How long will the season go? Will it extend if we don’t start right away in January?
We are in planning stage and not sure what the season will look like, it will depend on many factors such as gym time. We are taking into consideration the availability of facilities, team composition, length of season, how to keep athletes and coaching staff safe, the possibility of Regional play with other teams in the area and regulations/guidelines about Covid-19.
2. What will the fees be for 2020/21 season?
We are currently working on our fee structures and will take into consideration what the season looks like. We expect it to be lower than past seasons.
 3. If my job is considered high risk, does that affect my ability to coach?
We will follow rules from VA/VB and public health and will discuss protocols with individual coaches, as needed.
4. Will teams be created based on age or ability?
Depending on the amount of interests, at this time it will be on age.
5. Is there any other boys group to play at regional level? Will this be taken into consideration when setting fees?
We may have two other boys teams in the areas that are interested and will consider different factors when determining fees.
6. If you are following VA rules, will the kids be able to play more than one sport?
If numbers Covid-19 numbers remain low, we can stay in the phase that we are in locally. Places like the coast and Alberta are in a different phases because of their numbers. We are following all Public Health guidelines so this can change from one day to the next.
7. Is it possible to have a U18 girls group in Invermere?
We are hopeful that we can have a U18 girls group in Invermere, providing  we have the numbers.
8. Will tryouts be allowed, or will teams be selected ahead of time?
We will have to look into this, depending on registration numbers. If tryouts are needed, we may run modified tryouts with smaller groups with limited gym time and space we currently have. Only 12 athletes are allowed on a roster.
9. If the club moves forward with regional play, would there be a limited number of people allowed in games?
There are a number of factors involved, but right at this moment, parents will most likely not be allowed to watch, but if it opens up in the spring, we will do our best to support this.
10. If we are focused on training and not competition, why would it matter how many players on teams?
Under club teams, we can only put 12 athletes on teams according to VA.
11. Will EKVC look at using health checks like on team snap? 
We will definitely look at what will be easier and consider some sort of App or program to assist with this, please send information about this if you have it to
12. Will the season go into summer?
Most likely not go into summer. Perhaps with all the work that gets done on the beach court, we will have a beach season. We are, however, keeping all options open.
13. What is the next step? Will you send a survey to see who is interested?
We will consider sending survey to see registration interests once we have more information regarding gym time availability, etc.
14. Gym space at the college?
                There is no access to the college gym at this time.
15. When will you know fees and gym space? When will registration be open?
We are still working on everything and hoping to have things decided by mid-December with possible registration opening in January.
16. What about the soccer facility they are building? Are we involved in that?
We are not involved with the Soccer dome but we are working with them to book gym time.
17. Is EKVC going to have a technical director now that Bryan is Executive director?
Bryan’s role of technical director will be included in his new role as Executive Director.
18. Is EKVC going to be tapping into sport science? ie. Graeme, virtual workouts
Yes, we are hoping to continue to offer other athlete development areas as we can throughout the season.