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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Anyone wanting to play on a team must register to tryout. Register or find more information here. The club has the final decision on team composition and whether an athlete plays up or down an age group. Decisions are based on skill development as well as if they fit the age class qualifications and volleyball positions needed for each team. 

  • Upon selection to a team, an email link will be sent directly to the person who registered the athlete for tryouts to register for the season. The link will be available for 7 days.

When does the season start?
  • The season will start the first weekend of January with a Start-up event. This allows the club and all the teams a chance to get together to have start up meetings, manager training, coaching workshops and many other activities to get the season going. Older ages may start practicing in December to help prepare for Nationals in May. Younger ages may not start until February.

 Practice times 
  • Practice times and dates are dependent on a lot of factors, including but not limited to Gyms and coaches availability. There are also considerations for younger and older teams due to the development stream vs the competitive stream. The club tries very hard to accommodate as many factors as we can into practice times, dates and locations.
What is included in the Registration fee and what additional costs are to be expected?
  • Practices 1.5 - 2hr session
  • Athlete Development
  • Gym & Facility rental
  • Executive/Technical Director
  • Coaches honorarium, accreditation, and police checks
  • One VA tournament registration fee
  • Equipment & Volleyballs
  • Athletes Awards
  • Medical Supplies (Tournaments and Emergencies)
  • Cleaning and disinfecting supplies as per Covid-19 protocols
  • Administration fee

Additional costs include travel and accommodation at tournaments, see below for estimating a season budget.

How to estimate athlete season budget?
Are TEams Able to Fundraise?
  • Teams are able to fundraise for tournaments to help reduce costs. The manager or coach fills out a 3 page form to assist EKVC in the coordination of fundraising activities throughout the Club. Teams must receive approval prior to fundraising. 

How is it determined which tournaments teams will attend?
  • Coaches and teams generally determine which tournaments they will attend. As a guide, younger development age categories may only attend two tournaments whereas older competitive teams may attend all 3 Premiers, Provincials and Nationals. 
  • Tournaments will require that families that attend be able to score keep for their team.

    Here are a couple of options to learn how to fill out the sheet. 

    Youtube video (same scoresheet even though it's a Sask video) or attached is VB Canada's powerpoint (very in depth). 

    From experience, you can flip the numbers if you are nervous about the scoresheet but not always. We highly recommend that you review the information and/or video to be prepared. It takes a little practice but it does become easier and you get to watch the match on the floor, right near the action. Another tip to learn this would be to grab a form and use it to practice on then keep it in your pocket to refer to as you score keep. A parent made a cheat sheet which had each section highlighted in different colours so each section was filled out in order. 

    Refund policy (explicit terms and conditions, dates)

  • Please see the Refund Policy here.