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Manager Forms

EKVC Team Manager Manual 2013

                  Thank you for volunteering as the East Kootenay Volleyball Club Team Manager. Being a team manager is an important role and contributes to the success of all our club teams. The prime role of the manager is to facilitate communication with the team. The manager is the liaison between coaches and the parents. Your knowledge and support with the team makes the job easier for all. A manager becomes a vital source of information for players, parents and coaches.


This manual will help you understand the duties and responsibilities of being a manager. Communication is crucial in this position. You must be available by telephone and email, checking it regularly and responding promptly to all requests clearly and concisely. At tournaments – communication via cell phone – mobile or text is also recommended.


General Responsibilities and Duties


Managers are responsible for the administrative duties of the team. The coach and manager work together on all aspects of the team, except coaching duties. You look after the organization and communication with parents regarding the team schedule and functions as directed by the coach. Following is a list of duties:


  1. Go to the club website: and familiarize yourself with all the documents. Review the EKVC philosophy and the documents on the forms link.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the AVA website in particular this link:  This will provide you with all the information regarding the Premier and Provincial tournaments. Most teams will enter 1-3 of the Premier tournaments and all the teams enter Provincials. (please note – the entry fee has been collected for provincials – so do not collect that from your athletes.) Information for Nationals can be found here:

and tournament registration fees for this have also been collected as part of their EKVC fees.

  1. Coordinate with the coaches to organize a parents meeting to review the EKVC philosophy and the coaches philosophy. Discussion regarding commitment level and general expectations can be reviewed. This meeting can be short and brief at the end of an early season practice – generally second or third practice at the latest. Talk about how many events you plan on attending and the general costs of the events. (see the travel section below)Collect/confirm all contact information at this time: parent names, emails, phones, cell phones.
  2. Establish an email distribution list for the team. Sometimes each parent/guardian has their own email and you can ask if one could be sent to both emails.
  3. Collect the Code of Conduct form from each player and keep it in a binder. Forms are available on the club website. The EKVC will hand back the general registrations forms to you which will be kept in your binder.
  4. Make sure that each player is registered with EKVC and that their fees are paid. Players that are not registered – are not insured and this could present a problem for the club. If new players come to the practice – all the paperwork must be completed before a player steps on the court.
  5. Our Club Administrator Stacey Johnstone will register everyone in the NRS system which is the National Registration Service for Volleyball . Each player will then need to be validated.  Facilitate each player, manager and coach to register with NRS. The athletes must be registered with this to play in provincials. The EKVC members are prepaid – so ensure that no one pays if asked by the system. The goal is for each individual to go on and register with NRS – we are in the division “Sunny South”
  6. As manager, you will help to secure practice times at a facility. Please contact your coach(es) first before determining your practice times. The EKVC secures all space initially, but if you or someone on your team has access to a facility (school district employee) or church gym, please utilize this resource to help secure valuable gym time. If practices must take place outside the coaches home town (ie. Cranbrook resident running practice in Kimberley) coaches will be reimbursed for mileage accrued.
  7. Recruit other parents to help with various duties. Some of the duties are: helping with scoring and lining at tournaments (especially Provincials). Helping with any home tournaments and fundraising for your team. Another position is to see who may be able to help with the first aid portion at events – (taping, injury assessment etc)

10.    Contact the EKVC equipment manager for team equipment: balls, bags, first aid kit and uniforms.
2013Equipment Manager is Danielle Korst  -  (250.427. 3402)  home, 250-908-2570  cell.

11.Distribute jerseys and record numbers  that each player has to make a team roster. When handing out uniforms – hand out the largest size to the largest/tallest people on the team. It is much easier for a team member to wear a shirt slightly too large vs one that is too tight. Provide your coaches with an electronic and hard copy of the roster. Collect the uniforms from the players at the end of the season. Managers should always bring a spare jersey to tournaments to supply to athletes who forget theirs.


The AVA is very strict with the uniform guidelines. The team shorts should be black in colour and similar length. The socks that the players wear all need to be the same colour and length – ie ankle, calf or knee socks.


12. Make sure that you register and pay for your team entry fee in all the Premier and Provincial events. Charge each player their portion of the entry fee except for Provincials and Nationals. There are dates with deadlines on the AVA site. Please make every effort to collect your fees for the tournaments ahead of time. In past years – we have had teams enter a tournament and then not have the commitment from the athletes/parents. AVA fines us if we register for a tournament – but do not attend and this causes many headaches for rescheduling the tournament. Also our club will get sanctioned if we do not show up to a tournament. It is possible to bring up players from a younger age group in some extenuating  circumstances.


Create a list with players names, parents/guardians, phone numbers, email/addresses, and ensure all families have this information as well. Having a parent contact with names can be a way to break the ice at tournaments.




Please review the sample budgets on the EKVC website. Have a parent meeting to discuss how many parents will be travelling to the event. Generally younger age groups have more parents travelling. Some families choose to stay with friends or family and they will not be charged an accommodation fee. Shared sleeping arrangements among team mates occurs more in the older age groups. Each team may decide how to do this slightly differently. Every effort should be made to keep the costs as low as possible. If there are two teams in the same age group – and coaches are of the same gender – they are to share a hotel room.


Fixed costs for travel generally include hotel- this varies depending on the individual hotel room rates. Other costs are more dependent on the expectation of the individual players and or their families.  For example,gas, meals and spending money. It is reasonable to expect that this could amount to approximately $200 per tournament.


Teams should not travel to tournaments with fewer than 8 players. This increases the cost and injury or illness during a tournament could provide added stress for a team with low numbers.Accommodation


It is important when staying out of town that the team stays at the same facility, but when this is not possible, the manager should obtain phone/cell number for any players not staying at the same place. This is important in the event of tournament schedule changes. Managers are responsible for reserving hotel block booking at tournaments. PLEASE DO THIS EARLY AS POSSIBLE AS ROOMS BOOK UP EARLY. Make sure to send out deadlines for each tournament and

info on the block of rooms that have been booked and the location. If families prefer to camp or stay in a different hotel, or with friends they are responsible for making their own arrangements and informing the manager of their plans. You also need to know which players are in rooms together with what parents.


The AVA has an excellent listing of hotels with some good rates. Some of the hotels carry incentives to book 15 rooms and get one free. You may want to contact the managers of the opposite gender to see about getting a large block booking to get a free room for the coaches. Please view  the following page for information under accommodation:


One of the problems with early booking is that you often do not know the venue of the event until the draw comes out which is only one week before the tournament.  For Calgary someone could book central Calgary to be between the venues.


Reimbursement/Deposits of Fees:


Our Treasurer – Al Fillis is requesting that everyone submit their deposits and cheque requisitions together and only for one tournament at a time. Please do not combine tournaments as this makes it challenging for Al to manage. The deposit and requisition forms are available on the club website.




Although it is not common, a few EKVC teams have travelled to Idaho/Washington to play in a tournament. Each child travelling must have ID, preferably a passport. A birth certificate is also acceptable for age 16 and under. Adults require a passport for crossing the US border. If a player is travelling with someone other than his/her parent, they must have a signed letter from all guardians giving permission for travel. Also photocopy your driver's license that shows your name and signature. (If parents are separated or divorced, there has to be a letter from both parents). If a player is traveling with one parent only, they need a letter from the non-custodial parent permitting this, whether the parents are married or not. There should also be a contact phone number in case Customs officials are randomly calling to check validity of travel (this does happen).


Remind players to bring an extra shirt at the end of their last game of the season. The coach/manager will then collect jerseys after the game.


Contact the equipment manager to return your balls, uniforms and first aid kit within 2 weeks of your last tournament.


Thank you!


Contact with further questions:


Erna Jensen-Shill –

Manager Mentor



Stacey Johnstone –

Club Administrator